Does your bathroom need a makeover ?

Your bathroom is one of the rooms you spend a fair amount of time in each day. Since you probably start and end your days there, you’ve most likely been noticing that your bathroom could really use a makeover.

Something a little more than new towels and a rug are needed. Your bathroom space may be a little cramped and you want something that is pleasing to the eye and affordable at the same time. A custom makeover of your bathroom may be the answer you’ve been looking for.
Your Bathroom Needs a Makeover If…
• You have missing or cracked tiles on the walls or floor
• The lighting is dim and outdated
• You feel overwhelmed by clutter and an unmanageable amount of general disorganization
• You really need more than just one sink
• Faucets are ugly, outdates, ready to fall off, or leaking
• You see mould
• It has been over 10 years since you last updated your bathroom
You’ll find it easy to makeover your bathroom when you see all of the options on offer. There are so many bathroom options to choose from. Start with adding custom cabinetry, and beautiful modern handles and faucets. Look at new sink options and visualize how great they will look in your bathroom.
Need to add a touch of elegance with granite or quartz? You can get that bathroom makeover customised just how you want it and right for your budget.
Who said a bathroom makeover would be difficult? Take a look at all your options and do enjoy custom bathrooms available at JAM Designs right now. Remodeling never looked so good!

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